Monday, April 9, 2012

The Red Wheelbarrow-William Carlos William

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


The Red Wheelbarrow - Stress and rhythm analysis
LineTextStress patternSyllables
1so much dependsMMuM4
3a red wheeluM S3
5glazed with rainMuS3
7beside the whiteuMuS4


u: unstressed syllable

S: stressed syllable

M: medium stressed syllable

The life that I have

Is all that I have

And the life that I have

Is yours

The love that I have

Of the life that I have

Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have

A rest I shall have

Yet death will be but a pause

For the peace of my years

In the long green grass

Will be yours and yours and yours.

Leo Marks

All You Who Sleep Tonight

All you who sleep tonight
Far from the ones you love,
No hand to left or right
And emptiness above -

Know that you aren't alone
The whole world shares your tears,
Some for two nights or one,
And some for all their years.

Vikram Seth